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Open Figure Drawing Inc. is proud to announce the following events:

Events are posted as their details are finalized. Please see our calendar.

(Long Pose Drawing Session Image)
Long Pose

Long Pose drawing sessions will consist of one pose with a clothed model for an entire 2 hour session. The next session is Sunday, June 25, 1 - 3 PM.

Long Pose drawing sessions are usually the 3rd Sunday of the month, unless the 3rd Sunday falls on a holiday weekend, or some other special day (such as Father's Day). In September, we will participate in the Westcott Street Cultural Fair on the 3rd Sunday instead of holding a Long Pose session. Check our calendar for the correct weekend for each month.

Regular prices and rules apply.


(Costumed Drawing)

The next Costumed Drawing session is Sunday, July 2, 1 - 3 PM.

Theme: Breaking Bad

Costumed Drawing sessions are the 1st Sunday of every month, unless the 1st Sunday is a holiday.

Regular prices and rules apply.


Portrait Show artwork

Open Figure Drawing Inc is returning to the Metro Center for this year's Portrait Drawing show. Anyone who have been to any of our drawing sessions in the past year at the Westcott Community Center can participate (see rules for full details). Only pictures of clothed people are allowed in this show. We're hoping you all have at least one piece you can show!

Artwork is on display until August 10.

Pick-up is on Monday, August 14, 3 - 7 pm at the Metro Center.


2016 Portrait Show Catalog Cover

Group Show Catalogs are available for $10 each during any Wednesday night Open Figure Drawing session.

Older catalogs: the 2016 Shows, the 2015 Shows, the 2014 Group Show & 25th Anniversary Show, and many more older catalogs are available.

If you or anyone you know is interested in modeling, please contact Iver Johnson.

Artwork Copyright © 2017 by the artist or Open Figure Drawing, Inc.