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(This information is for 2017, and has not been updated for 2018)
artwork by Dan Shanahan
Relive the Open Figure Drawing Inc.

2017 Portrait Show
on display from Monday, June 5, to Thursday, August 10, 2017.

at the Metro Center
The Atrium, 2 Clinton Square
Syracuse, NY 13202
Phone: 315.399.4100

Opening Reception
5:30 to 7:30 pm, Thursday, June 8, 2017
Refreshments will be provided

Free Portrait Drawing during the reception!

Entry Form required.

Exhibition Sponsors:
Auxiliary Services
Art Department
Tyler Art Gallery

Open Figure Drawing invites anyone who draws at any Wednesday night or Sunday drawing sessions to participate in its annual group show. This is an excellent opportunity for first–timers to exhibit work, and for veterans to gain exposure & make sales.

Non-nude artwork only. The Metro Center gallery prohibits the display of nudity. What? You only have pictures of nudes? How about attending one of our monthly Costumed Drawing or Long Pose sessions.

The Group Show is part of our mission to organize exhibits and promote figure drawing within our community. It is a showcase for our diversity: young members, high school students, college attendees, regular attendees, as well as part time drop-ins. All levels are welcomed to participate from those with an interest in drawing, to emergent artists, to proficient artists. For some, it may be the first time they are shown, for others it is a regular event, all skill levels are invited. We feel displaying work is an important step in artistic development. We are pleased to provide a figurative exhibit of monumental scope, which not only promotes learning from finishing and matting work, but also educates the public on this often misunderstood art form.

The "Rules"
  1. Drop of your artwork Thursday, June 1, 2 - 6:30 pm at the Metro Center, 2 S Clinton St, Syracuse, NY 13202.
    Pick-up your artwork on Monday, August 14, 4 - 7 pm at the Metro Center.

    If you are not able to deliver or pickup your artwork on these dates & would like to participate in the show, talk with the host at one of our drawing sessions or contact us by phone or web form to make other arrangements.

  2. All work must be framed & have a wire for hanging from a picture hook. Covering with plexiglass or glass to protect them may insure their safety.

    If you are using "Swiss Clips" or other systems that leave glass edges exposed you must use plexiglass instead of glass because volunteers have been cut by broken glass with these systems.

    Framing Tips for the Starving Artist (pdf)

  3. Everyone who has been to a drawing session at the Westcott Community Center within the last year can submit work.
    If you've come 3 or more times, you can submit up to 3 pieces;
    If you've come twice, 2 pieces;
    Only once? You can still submit 1 piece.

    Not sure of your attendance? Then bring in three pieces and we will check the sign-in logs. Our hope is everyone will submit something.

    This is a non-juried show; everyone is guaranteed at least one piece will be displayed!

  4. No nudity is allowed.

    We need additional artwork for the Fayetteville Library show. Can you help?

  5. Submit an entry form with your artwork to ensure it is included in the catalog.
    (Entry form with rules)
    (Just the form)
  6. Pieces must have identification and contact information on the back.

    Include your name and phone number (or e-mail or street address) to assure proper identification.

    We also suggest signing and dating your work.

  7. Please package your artwork carefully.

    Hint for packing your artwork:
    Protect the corners; place a piece of cardboard (big enough to cover the frame) over the glass; and place in a garbage bag or other protective wrapping.

    Be sure to mark all the packing materials with your name or initials. Labeling your packaging material helps us repackage it when we take the show down.

    OFD Inc. takes no responsibility for loss or damage to the pieces. In the history of the shows we have only encountered problems with cracked glass on fast-frame pieces.

  8. Work can be for sale, but does not have to be. Sales will be handled between the buyer and the individual artist.

All work is to be published in the OFD Inc. catalog. Submissions may also be used for advertising or other promotions in print or the Web.

Photos from Our 2016 Group Show Reception


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