Plans for Reopening Delayed

December at the soonest

Open Figure Drawing is planning to restart drawing sessions at the Westcott Community Center. The center needs to find some funding for upgrades in order to reopen. They believe they will be ready to reopen in December. Until then, we will continue holding Zoom sessions, & if the weather permits, outdoor drawing sessions.

Attendance will be limited to 10 participants, not including the host or model. Participants will have to sign up and pay using PayPal ahead of time. Sign up will end at noon on Wednesdays, and at midnight for Sunday sessions. We’ll announce the number of spacing remaining. Those spaces will be available for walkins on a 1st come 1st serve basis and can’t be reserved. We regret that any additional walkins about the 10 person limit will have to be turned away.

We’ll make sign up available for sessions a few weeks in advance.

Because of the limited participation, we won’t be able to generate our usual level of income. To help us save money, we will be shortening Wednesday sessions to 2 hrs for now, and eliminate punch cards. You can use up whatever punches you have remaining on your current punch cards.

If there is more demand for the Wednesday sessions than we can accommodate, we might repeat the Wednesday schedule for our Sunday sessions.

We will check everyone’s temperature upon entry, & have hand sanitizer available.

We also request that people not switch easels or desks during a session.

These plans are tentative and will be reassessed if the coronavirus situation gets worse.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in person again (10 at a time)!

Open Figure Drawing, since 1989