Catalog of Outdoor and Zoom Session Artwork (Blurb & at WCC) 2020

Our 2020 – 2021 Catalog of Zoom & Outdoor Drawing session artwork is now available on Blurb, available in economy & standard editions. A few of a slightly smaller version, with all the same content, are printed and available at the WCC during any of our drawing sessions.

Order on Blurb

Economy Edition
Price: $7.19 + $3.99 shipping*

Standard Edition
Price: $13.39 + $3.99 shipping*

Purchase preprinted edition during a drawing session
Price: $10

Each Blurb edition has the same content, 48 pages, 40 of artwork. The standard edition uses 70# paper, and the economy edition uses 50# paper. The preprinted edition has a few more pages and slightly smaller height and width.

* Shipping amounts are for economy shipping, which takes about 3 weeks.

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