Group Show at the Gear Factory

Gear Factory front door

200 S Geddes St, Syracuse
Saturday, June 8, 2024, 3 pm – 11 pm

Open Figure Drawing will have a small space in the the R-Evolution art show at the Gear Factory (event page is on Facebook).

This takes place just before our 35th Anniversary Show at the Edgewood Gallery. For that show we are accepting 1 art work to hang in the show and 2 additional digital submissions for the catalog. You can frame 1 of those digital submissions, or frame something else for the Gear Factory show. If you are unable participate in both shows, please chose the 35th Anniversary show, because we want 35 artists for that show.

We may be closed in May due to our move to Delavan Studios. We need to have the artwork by May 31, so we can hang it that night.
You can bring your artwork…
• to our Themed Drawing session at the Atrium, Sunday May 5, 1 – 3 pm
• to Dowling Art Center during an OFD session by Wednesday May 29, 7 – 10 pm
• or contact us for other options.

Since we only have a small space, we will keep you informed to let you know if our space is full.

At the end of the show, we will bring artwork to our new space, 413 Delavan


  1. Anyone who has come to a drawing session within the last year may submit one artwork.
    Art must not have been in a previous show.
    Submit an entry form with your artwork.
  2. Deliver artwork to the Dowling Art Center by Wednesday, May 29, 7 – 10 pm.
    Or contact us for other options. Board member Dan Shanahan is coordinating this show.
    After the show, we will bring your artwork to our new space at Delavan Studios, room 413.
  3. Artwork must have identification and contact information on the back. Include your name and phone number or e-mail. Optionally, include a title, media, and size information. We also suggest signing and dating your work. The entry form has an identification tag.
  4. All work must be framed & have a wire for hanging from a pegboard hook.
    Our gear factory space uses pegboard. Please don’t use sawtooth hangers or small rings. They may not hang well from pegboard hooks.
  5. Work can be for sale, but does not have to be. Sales will be handled between the buyer and the individual artist. Include with your artwork the necessary information for a buyer to contact you.
  6. Package your artwork carefully.
    Be sure to mark all the packing materials with your name or initials. This helps us repackage it when we take the show down.

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